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The Mimic 2017

Naboots of South Korea is an urban legend about a mysterious mountain that mimic the human voice, a species known as the Tiger Jangsan. Public concerns about the use of the human voice to attract the beings. The family becomes the victim of an accident of Korean Hee-frontal, and suffering from depression after disappearance child, and her husband, caring for yourself, lost Jangsan Tiger’s road correctness from his children.

Language: Korean

Classification: N.

PublikacijaOpšte Date:21 September 2017

Genre: Horror / Thriller

Duration: Not available

Distributor: GSC Movies

Throw: Yum, Jung-Ag Park Hi-Kwon, Shin A-Rin

Manager: Huh Jung

format: 2D

Kuma Nanjian and Emily V. Gordon jolasgintzan are based on real life, a big sick Kuma comedy cartoons Pakistan has invented a student, student Emily degrees. But what they thought would be the right clothes for one night, Kumailktradicionalne Muslim parents who expect their lives to be difficult.

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